He left and came back. Michał Materla is back at home! – KSW 66

  • In April 2021, Michał Materla said goodbye to KSW. Now, however, he returns to the organization
  • The player was inspired by the idea of ​​the EFM Show project, which was to be an MMA gala created differently than the rest. Ultimately it turned out to be a failure
  • The 37-year-old comes home twice. Not only will he perform in KSW again, but also for the second time in his career he will fight in his hometown
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Breakup after 15 years

In April 2021, the manager of Materla, Norbert Sawicki, in the pages of Kanał Sportowy said that the contract between “Cipao” with KSW had expired. However, he mentioned that further cooperation with the European giant would not be ruled out. – We are not saying that there will never be cooperation. However, it may be difficult to find – he argued at the time.

The former champion also said goodbye to the organization with an emotional entry. – The whole KSW team, Maciej Kawulski, Martin Lewandowski, thank you for all these years. For the excitement and the opportunity to fight 25 duels. It’s been a long and bumpy road, but in the end there are great memories! I left a lot of health in a cage and for sure a part of my heart will stay there – he wrote on Instagram and Facebook.

The organization also thanked the legend. – Master. Legend. Warrior. Thank you for all the years spent together! – we read.

A misfire of a new project

Materla did not go away for a reason. He entered the ranks of the organization in which he was a shareholder – EFM Show. The competitor revealed in interviews that he liked the vision of the project, which was to mix sports fights with duels giving a show.

The event was organized on September 11, 2021 in Bulgaria. Despite many extraordinary ideas, the gala turned out to be a big flop. Firstly, a few days before the event in Bulgaria, restrictions were introduced that prevented a large number of people from entering the stands.

Several online celebrities were hired to promote the event, but that ultimately did not translate into huge sales.

Additionally, organizational matters failed. The fans complained a lot about the broadcast. Lots of things were done at the last minute. The commentators got an agreement … on the day of the gala.

The only advantage is the idea of ​​a cage box, i.e. a 3×3 ring that is lowered into the octagon. In such a small area, the players fought in the stand-up formula wearing MMA gloves. It heralded emotions and never-ending twists.

Michał Materla took part in the fight of the evening, and his opponent was Moise Rimbon. “Cipao” did not show his best side, but ultimately won by a judge’s decision.

Ultimately, Materla and manager Sawicki withdrew from cooperation with EFM. They informed about it on November 2. – After a long reflection, together with Michał Materla, we decided to end our activity in EFM SHOW SA on November 2, 2021. We sell our shares to existing partners who have a different vision for the further development of this project. We, on the other hand, will continue our adventure with martial arts and MMA – we read in the entry.

Materla returns home. And double it

On January 15, the 47-year-old will return to KSW, the organization that has been his home for years. “Cipao” will not have an easy task, because his opponent will be “The Assasin” Jason Radclife, who has already shown twice that he can win with the Poles.

It will not be an ordinary return of Michał Materla. KSW 66 takes place in his hometown of Szczecin, so for the first time, from April 10, 2014 (which is also his birthday), he will have the opportunity to perform in front of his own audience for the second time in his career.

– I couldn’t forgive myself not to be here when a nice gala is organized in our hall. I hope you will come to support me. There aren’t many of my fights left in my career – says Materla in the trailer before the KSW 66 match.

There is no better time to come home … than in your own home.

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