He left his wife and children for Ukrainian refugee: he reunites with them

The Bradford Crown Court judge overturned the restraining order after checking that there was no grudge among the parents. Immediately after the verdict, Garnett went to pick up his daughters from school and took them to the park. “I am incredibly happy to be with them again. They come before anything,” Tony told al Daily Mail.

“I had to get a court order against him because I was really worried,” admitted Lorna, who is now calmer: “Tony is a wonderful father who loves his daughters. I know he misses them a lot.” he added. “We haven’t talked to each other for months. Sofia was poisoning our family. I’m really glad she left. Tony and I won’t be back together anyway, I’m dating someone else. We’ll put our children first,” he concluded. Lorna. “Even though her mother and I are no longer together, I’m happy to be able to see my girls again,” Garnett reiterated.

History –

The love between Tony and Sofia was born in ten days. . The young man, moved by a motivated civic sense, had joined an English welcome project to give a roof to those fleeing the war in Ukraine. After arriving at the refugee’s home, the 29-year-old had decided to leave his family to build a future with her. “I’m in love with her, I’m sure I want to spend the rest of my life with her,” Garnett told the Daily Mail. Sofia admitted she had a soft spot for Tony as soon as she saw him in England.

Then, after a few months, Tony left her because “she doesn’t know how to manage her relationship with alcohol and she also let herself go to vandalism by stabbing a wall”. The two would now remain on good terms.

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