“He left me on foot”

Cases of people left on foot are multiplying off road electrical. As in the case of Roman Mica, the man who runs the website «The Fast Lane TruckWhich he wanted to tell his misadventure on Youtube. Roman had just bought an electric road giant worth 116 thousand euros when, after just 400 kilometers, he left it in the middle of the road.

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“Brand new Hummer”

“I am very unhappy. I’m in a brand new Hummer, in traffic, and the off-roader has gone through a complete discharge. It will not start up if I do not connect it to a charging station », Roman Mica says disconsolately on his YouTube channel. “I tried to restart. I can’t even open the trunk, because it does not work. There is no way to do a forced reboot on this system – I tried safe mode, it doesn’t even boot like that, it’s just stuck“.

“I’m pretty inca *** to”

“I’m pretty in the *** right now and nervous for the traffic this off-road vehicle left me in, ”added Mica, opening the door of his car to give viewers a better view of where he was. “This is where the Hummer left me stuck. A very dangerous position, ”he says as the cars whiz past him. «I have just spent 116 thousand euros, I have been doing it for 12 years and I have never had a vehicle that has left us completely on foot, in this type of situation. The worst part is that I can’t get the car out of harm’s way. I have a vehicle weighing more than 4 tons that I can’t even tow away ».

The rescue

Fortunately, in addition to Mica’s son, a police officer also rushed to the scene and all three together managed to restart the electric road giant. Thanks to a bizarre process of disconnecting the battery, they were able to forcibly restart the off-road vehicle, after lowering the windows and pressing the brake. A mode of emergency provided by the car’s electrical system that allowed humans to move the vehicle off the road.

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