He needs to consult someone. It cannot be that his idea is the only and the best

Zbigniew Boniek commented on the last match of the Polish national team with Hungary. In his opinion, one of the reasons for the failure was communication errors between the PZPN leadership and Paulo Sousa.

The Poles lost 1: 2 to Hungary and lost their chances of arranging play-offs for the World Cup before the draw. For this reason, they can face Italy or Portugal in the first match.

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– If we want to go to the world championship, we have to be prepared for everything. We still want to count on scratching: that it must be easy, at home, that we must win. The fact that we realized it terribly – Boniek said in an interview on the AWF Warszawa channel.

The former president of the Polish Football Association commented on the absence of Robert Lewandowski in the match against Hungary. He has doubts as to whether the situation has been resolved optimally.

– I think the communication has failed. It was necessary to have a dialogue. Say: “Look, we have 60,000 people here, they come to watch the representation, but also the stars.” Instead of playing the whole game against Andorra, it could be split – 45 minutes in the first and 45 minutes in the second. The more that Robert was on the bench – assessed Boniek.

– I believe that the Polish national team had the obligation and the right not to lose this match with the players they left. Maybe there was a mistake in concentration, preparation, psychology of the approach to the match – Boniek wonders.

In his opinion, there was no appropriate action on the part of the PZPN leadership. In his opinion, the ideas of the Portuguese should be confronted with someone.

– Paulo Sousa is a very good coach: communicative, intelligent, he can create an atmosphere. However, he also has to consult and dialogue with someone. It cannot be that every idea of ​​the trainer is unique, the best and the trainer can do whatever he likes. For example, I was the president who never put up a sheet with a squad, but I liked to discuss with the coach, I liked to express some doubts, suggest how I see it. What the coach does after that is his business. Here, in this particular situation, there was a lack of communication, it could have been played better – Boniek summed up.

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