“He stabbed his partner out of jealousy.” The 4-year-old son is also at home

SPINEA (VENICE) – Homocide this morning, Friday 23 September 2022, in Spinea. A man stabbed his partner to death. He is Romanian, she is Moldovan, the couple has a four-year-old child.

Man is Alexanandru Ianosi Andreeva Dimitrova, 35 years. The partner Lilia Patranel, 41 years old. From the first information leaked, the quarrel would have exploded for reasons of jealousy, the couple would have lived a stormy relationship.

Femicide allegedly took place around midnight, the victim would have been hit with several stab wounds. Then the man would give the alarm around 5 in the morning.

The tragedy, yet another femicide, took place in the Mantegna area. During the interrogation in the police station, the man made use of the right not to answer. Then he would be transported to jail. Lilia would have already denounced her partner in the past, but then she would have filed the complaint.

The reconstruction

A violent quarrel, yet another, took hold of the knife and despite their 4-year-old son was at home, he hit his partner several times, killing her. Lilia Patranel, 41, a domestic worker, with a double Moldovan and Romanian passport, was killed by her husband Alexandru Ianosi Andreeva Dimitrova, a 35-year-old Romanian, in Veneto and in the woman’s house since 2017. The crime happened during the night in Spinea, in a condominium of eight apartments inhabited by foreigners, mostly Romanians and Moldovans, as the protagonists of the story. A relationship made up of continuous frictions and a few moments of reconciliation, with increasingly violent quarrels often resulting in real physical aggressions.

The violence

Lilia had tried, in the past, to defend herself. In fact, she would also have reported the beatings suffered to the police, and then withdraw the complaint. The quarrel and the murder, without the neighbors realizing the gravity of what was happening, broke out shortly after midnight, while the boy was probably asleep. Killed his partner, the man would have sat next to his son, waiting for 5 in the morning to call 112 and have the Carabinieri intervene, confessing what had happened. After the first examination of the body by the coroner, the findings of the Carabinieri del Ris and then the ‘journey’ of the murderer in a truck to the Arma barracks. Here Alexandru closed himself in absolute silence, availing himself of the right not to answer. Subsequently he was transferred to the prison of Santa Maria Maggiore in Venice, waiting to be heard by Pm and Gip. The neighbors’ stories are divergent.

The neighbors

There are those who remember the little one, who attended the nursery school in Spinea, playing in front of the house with his father and a substantial family tranquility and in neighborhood relations. Others, however, are unbalanced on those arguments heard many, too many times. “A murder happened but we can’t explain why – says a resident of the same building -. We have not heard anything, no shouts have been heard ». Someone points the finger at the man. “She was cleaning houses to raise some money because they have a small child. She always said that her husband beat her and insulted her. ‘ And again: «They were a couple like any other, a family we often saw under the house». But there are also those who have collected Lilia’s confidences: “he hits me” she said, “he raises his hands on me, I don’t know what to do anymore,” she added crying.


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