“He stopped eating meat for a day”

Natalie Portman, 41, and Chris Hemsworth, 38, were busy filming “Thor – Love and Thunder”. The two, as usual for two actors, had to exchange a passionate cinematic kiss, which however could put Portman in trouble. The 41-year-old has been vegan for many years, while her colleague is a big meat eater. To put Natalie at ease, Hemsworth, very thoughtfully, avoided eating meat for a day, in order to shoot the infamous kissing scene in the best possible way.

The thoughtfulness of Chris Hemsworth

The two protagonists of the Marvel film attended the Capital Breakfast radio show with Roman Kemp and Natalie Portman spent flattering words for the Thor co-star. Asked by the hosts about the actor’s flaws, Portman said: “Sometimes he gets grumpy and angry, but he’s sweet nonetheless.” The actress then revealed the sweet shrewdness adopted by the 38-year-old to make the kissing scene easier: “The day we shot the kissing scene, that morning (Chris) didn’t eat meat because I’m vegan,” she said. the actress to the conductors, adding: “And eat meat like every half hour”. A concern of the handsome Chris, who did not come after a request from Portman: “It’s not something I’m angry or cared about, but it was just thoughtful,” clarified the 41-year-old.

The physical transformation

Portman also talked about the body transformation she had to undergo in order to take part in the film, trying to put on a strong and muscular physique: “It’s quite unusual and wonderful to have the task of becoming bigger as a woman. ”Said the woman who before taking part in the filming of is dedicated to hard training sessions and many saunas. Natalie also talked about her greatest difficulty during this physical journey: drinking a lot of protein shakes, “I don’t think I’ll ever drink one again,” she asserted.

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