He takes a test drive and destroys the Ferrari with a maneuver

Moral of today’s story: don’t drive a Ferrari if you don’t know how to drive it, especially if it’s not yours! We wonder how much this “little accident” could have cost the boys who appear in the video.

Quick, think about the last situation in which you would like to find yourself aboard a rented car. The one in the video is probably one of the worst!

CaliforniaYT 09_08_2022 Quattromania
Bad story, right? (YouTube)

For tourists only

It is not difficult to understand why the small town of Maranello in Emilia Romagna is also one of the most popular destinations for motoring tourists: despite the small size of the town, the fact that it is the official headquarters of the Ferrari house, one of the most important manufacturers of Italian supercars, he created a huge market for those who rent Cavallino cars.

At the time this video was shot, the Ferrari California of 2008 it was one of the strongest products built by the Italian brand. The spectacular four-seater convertible from Ferrari represented for many of the people born in the nineties a real forbidden dream with its absurd V8 of just under 500 total horsepower.

Too bad that with a price above 180,000 euros the car is certainly not the cheapest to buy. Better to rent it maybe with some friends to share the shopping? Maybe, as long as you don’t make her go the way you see in this viral video.

An expensive hobby

In the video dating back to 2014 we see a group of kids aboard a brand new California: according to the information available on the web and in particular on YouTube, this is a rental spider offered by one of the many retailers operating in the small Emilian town.

The guy at the wheel seems to have a lot of fun driving through the local streets in the powerful car which – let us remember once again – costs a real fortune, especially at the time the video was shot when it was practically just out on the market. Unfortunately, at a certain point something goes wrong.

California accident YT 09_08_2022 Quattromania
Moments before the disaster … (YouTube)

After a very tight turn, the rider seems to hesitate or perhaps give too much gas on the pedal. Result? The Ferrari goes off the road and goes sideways until it hits a wall hard. No harm to the passengers… but their wallets will surely have come out with broken bones from this bad experience. At a guess, the short wall of the sports car is completely to arrive after the crash.

Here is the video but we warn the more religious readers that the reaction of the boys to the confrontation is… proportionate to gravity of what has just happened!

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