He throws himself into the sea with the supercar, what happens is incredible | Never seen such a scene [Video]

Have you ever thought about jumping into the water with your supercar just to see if it floats? Of course not, that would really be a cabbage idea. Also because cars can’t swim: or maybe we were wrong?

If you have played a very famous video game of the saga Grand Theft Auto you will surely have experienced the many tricks that make the videogame experience much more fun: among these, the best is certainly the one that allows cars to float on the water whizzing like speedboats. This person decided to try it in real life and see how she turned out.

Unscheduled baby bath (Canva)

Bad decision?

It seems such a trivial sentence to write but cars don’t float: then, how is it possible the existence of this impressive video? Let’s take a step back and go back to some very strange news episodes that have occurred in recent years. Some time ago, a very special video went viral on Instagram portraying the sad fate of an ice cream truck, ended in the worst possible way.

The vehicle that was obviously assisting its owner in the distribution of ice cream on the coast crowded with hundreds of swimmers ended up slipping into the water, being picked up by the smartphone of one of those present who was shocked as much as all of us from the scene. What is circulating on social networks right now, however, is an even more absurd video that demonstrates how some cars are obviously miraculous.

Mare Canva 12_11_2022 Off-road world
In the photo: what is not the natural environment of a car (Canva)

An unexpected bathroom

The video released on TikTok shows a sports car that seems to be bogged down on the shoreline of a beach: looking at the images carefully, when the zoom of the smartphone camera changes, however, we see how the people around the vehicle and its owner are looking for first. actually of push the car into the water! But how? A gesture that goes against any kind of logic.

When the car inevitably ends up in the middle of the water, instead of sinking, it gains speed until the driver pushes it at full speed taking off, as if it were a a normal thing. In short, the car not only floats but is also capable of burning a departing jet ski with a lightning bolt. Intrigued by what, we decided to investigate.

A tourist purchase

While not knowing where the video was taken, we were able to find out who produced this special aquatic car capable of these feats. This is the Turkish company JetCar Antalya, a company specializing in the construction of sports motorboats with the appearance of sports cars, identical in all respects to the model they are inspired by. This service apparently is much in demand especially by the wealthy tourists who flock to Turkish beaches every year.

Web Source 12_11_2022 Motorboat World Off-Road
A JetCar in action (Web Source)

All you have to do to get your JetCar is contact the company and specify your request in the smallest details: the JetCar guys are able to reproduce any desired model, transforming it into a powerful motorboat suitable for facing the waves of any sea you want to visit. Apparently, judging by the comments below the video, many TikTok users are unfamiliar with this service and are wondering what happened in the media posted by a user.

Ordering a JetCar is not exactly cheap: according to the information available on the net, the price is around 50,000 Euros but it depends a lot the type of car you want to play. A nice way to shock friends, acquaintances and swimmers who are at the beach around you. But we leave you to the video which is a perfect testimony of what these cars can do.

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