He wants fast Internet, he creates his own fiber optic network provider

If you don’t have access to Fast internet and you are disappointed by the quality of the services offered by the major companies in the sector, you can always think of building your own provider in optic fiber.

A Michigan man – such Jared Mauch – he did it: his project came to fruition five years ago, against a cost of well 145 thousand dollars. What prompted him to fall back on DIY were unsatisfactory offers from major American Internet companies, such as Comcast And AT&T. The first, specifically, he asked Mauch 50 thousand dollars to extend the fiber to his home, while the second – until 2020 – continued to offer connectivity for only 1.5 Mbps in downloadfar too few to guarantee a good browsing experience.

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Optic fiber

The expense of Mauch – who in life makes thenetwork architect – it was certainly huge, but later he had the opportunity to recoup that money by providing the Internet to his neighbors.

That’s right: in a few years, the man has extended the service to approx 70 people / families residents in his neighborhood, and it is expected that he will soon reach even more. Yes, because the US government just offered him a 2.6 million dollars to extend the network to other places nearby.

Mauch owns 14 miles (22 kilometers) of fiber, with which it should extend the network to others 417 addresses. Indeed, to tell the truth, his estimate is even more ambitious: he expects to be able to reach almost 600 new customers (596) by 2023.

As for speed, the official data differs from the real one: in theory, Mauch would not be able to provide a faster Internet connection than 500 Mbpsbut in practice the speed is close to 1 Gbps. The explanation is provided by himself: “The equipment I have selected is cheap and therefore the speed limiters do not work. If you connect and run the speed test, you should get around 900 Mbps or something like that “.

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