“He was angry with The Rock, so he…”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s persona is well-appreciated by the general public, although not everyone, including the UFC community, is of the same opinion. According to Dana White, a star in the middle has also taken a serious dislike of him, which would justify his actions.

During the early years of his WWE career, his unsympathetic personality made him one of the most hated wrestlers on the circuit. Despite this stormy start, The Rock has slowly restored his image to become one of the Federation’s most popular heavyweights. A change made possible especially by his retraining as an actor, which allowed him to build up a good image among the general public.

Now internationally renowned celebrity Dwayne Johnson can count on this infamy on business plan. because even though One of his projects is going through a very difficult phase at the moment.Nevertheless, he is a skilled businessman. His entrepreneurial success also allowed him to complete a major collaboration with the UFC, where his arrival was not necessarily well received.

The origins of the feud between The Rock and a UFC star are finally revealed

Sponsored by Reebok for many years, The Rock proudly positions itself as the leader in its line of sports shoes. It’s even been a few months since that has been the subject of an exclusive agreement with the UFC, whose stars issue different models. Sleep, Nate Diaz didn’t hesitate to ruin them Outside of UFC 279. An episode that returned Dana White Complex ,

Yes, in fact, he was angry with The Rock, which is why he threw it at him. He was angry at The Rock because I believe The Rock was supporting Masvidal when they faced each other. So yes, that’s it.

Indeed, prior to this duel for the disputed BMF belt during UFC 244, Johnson had placed himself in Jorge Masvidal’s camp.

This logically didn’t go down well with Diaz, who immediately lashed out at the former wrestler at a press conference. The rivalry continued thereafter and spawned the famous viral sequence about The Rock sneakers. The Stockton slugger has also made sure to keep it up in the meantime, especially with the help of this Instagram Story posted in 2021:

According to Dana White, author of many scathing statements and actions towards The Rock, Nate Diaz only wants to make him pay for his 4 year old predicament. A fighter’s complaint certainly knows no bounds, nor does it have an expiration date!

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