he was on vacation in Val d’Aosta with his wife

Betrayed by his infinite passion for the mountains. Alessandro Moretti, 54, associate professor of Economic-Political Geography at La Sapienza University, died during an excursion to Punta Rossa della Grivola, in the Aosta Valley. The teacher was on vacation in the Alps with his wife. On 14 August he had gone out by car to reach Valnontey on the Gran Paradiso massif and from there begin the journey towards the summit which is located at 3600 meters. But perhaps Moretti never reached the summit. His wife, not seeing him return at 11.30 pm, called for help, first she contacted a mountain guide from Trentino whom she knew, then the latter alerted the mountain rescue in Aosta.

The investigation

From a first check at the Gratton bivouac, the professor was not present. So at the first light of dawn on the day of August 15th, the searches began also from above with the help of the Civil Protection helicopter – with the technicians of the Aosta Valley Alpine Rescue on board and also a firefighter – who identified him. at the foot of the ridge. Moretti, according to what was reconstructed by the Alpine Rescue Station of the Guardia di Finanza of Courmayeur, delegated to investigate by the local prosecutor, would have slipped for almost three hundred meters. A flight that left him no way out. The professor’s body was identified and recovered at a height of about 3300 meters around seven in the morning.
An investigation has been opened on the causes that led to the tragedy. The prosecutor ordered an autopsy to see if the 54-year-old may have also had an illness. He tells a friend and colleague, Roberta Gemmiti: «It seems impossible to us that Alessandro could have had an accident on a similar, fairly simple path. He had made much more difficult excursions in which he, before leaving, always jokingly said “I better make a will”, but this was really not the case ». So much so that before going out on Saturday morning, as his wife Emanuela explained, he hadn’t brought even the heaviest equipment with him and «he was calm». Although, for that type of excursion, he still had the right clothing. His last connection with whatsapp is 6.43 am.
Moretti grew up in the Vigna Pia neighborhood in Portuense. With Emanuela, accountant, he was now living in Monteverde. Appreciated geographer, he worked in the Department of Methods and Models for Economy, Territory and Finance of the first Roman Athenaeum. At the master’s degree in Latina, however, he was teaching tourism and digitization. He had been chosen to be part of a pool of experts from Sapienza and Tor Vergata who would soon meet in September for a project of significant international interest under the guidance of Professor Mauro Pascolini from Udine.

A great love

«Basically – recall the colleagues of the Italian Geographers Association – Alessandro was a great lover of tourism and the mountains. He was a sportsman, he dedicated himself to urban projects for sport, for stadiums and big events ». In his personal life, however, he was distinguished by his reserved nature. «He did not like to be the center of attention – remember his friends – but his intelligence was lively, nourished by a great and profound culture. Emanuela is now desperate, in shock. Theirs was a great, indissoluble love. They had been together for many years, a couple of years ago they decided to fulfill their dream by getting married, even if they had no children ».


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