he was practically from La Spezia in August

CorSport - Between 3 and 4 August Meret was the goalkeeper of Spezia!  ADL wanted Provedel: the background

Napoli had sold Meret to Spezia in early August

Alex Meret was from La Spezia for a day. To write this background of the transfer market is the Corriere dello Sport which explains how this sale did not officially go through.

Meret-Spezia background

Here is what Corriere dello Sport writes:

“We were missing Keylor Navas, pushed in vain by Mendes towards Napoli, and it would have jumped the bank for Mancini and the national team, looking for new goalkeepers to support Gigio. Alex seemed not to have to stay in Naples, where Sirigu joined him, released from Genoa, Donnarumma’s ex-blue assistant, Spalletti argued, he was in the balance, without full confidence. For one day Meret, between 3 and 4 August, was the goalkeeper of La Spezia, it seemed that the sale on loan with renewal had been made. The arrival of Keylor Navas was taken for granted. No one, however, knew that De Laurentiis was trying to steal Provedel from Sarri. Ivan and his agent said no to Giuntoli “

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