he will be the heir of Hugh Jackman?

After the final ending of Hugh Jackman at the the role of Wolverine and the newfound availability of the X-Men belong to Marvel Studios, now seems only a matter of time before I see the mutant among the protagonists of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the last few months has revealed a number of names among possible interpreters of the character, from Charlie Hunnam Taron Egerton, passing for Tom Hardy, Luke Evans and Scott Eastwood, but there is a particular actor that could collect this oppressive legacy and at the same time make the fans happy reluctant to imagine a Wolverine in the live-action with a different face from that of Jackman: Keanu Reeves.

Back to be an icon due to the success of John Wick and her personality by the anti-star, hollywood, Reeves could in fact represent the best choice to revive the character in the MCU, avoiding an uncomfortable confrontation that an actor less well-known (and loved) faticherebbe to govern, and to prove it we also think a new fan poster posted by Zerologhy.

The photo, which you can find below, shows a Logan little younger than Jackman, but certainly more “mature” compared to any version played by Taron Egerton, or Scott Eastwood. The artist is also fun to imagine the film to be released in 2024, a prospect perhaps too optimistic with respect to the possible timing of development (the study may give priority to other characters and to the Fantastic 4), but nothing forbids us to hope to arrive as soon as possible.

It is also known for a long time the willingness of Marvel Studios to engage Reeves, confirmed last year, even from the same Kevin Feigeand what better occasion to bring the actor in the franchise if not entrusting a role of such importance? Let us know what you think, as always, in the space dedicated to comments.

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