‘He will dig deep into Maria Hill’

The television series formula has already allowed the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the past to explore characters whose characterization had been more or less only sketched in the films of the franchise: a similar fate will befall Maria Hill in Secret Invasionat least according to the words of Cobie Smulders.

In fact, the How I Met Your Mother star will return to play the SHIELD agent on the occasion of the series with Emilia Clarke: a few days after the release of the Secret Invasion trailer, therefore, precisely Cobie Smulders he spoke about what we should expect from his Maria in the new MCU show, anticipating the series’ willingness to delve into his character a lot.

IS the deeper we ever dug in Maria Hill. The beauty of these series that Marvel is doing lies in the possibility of delving into the background of certain characters. What do they talk about when they sit down for coffee? It’s not always, ‘We have to catch the bad guys! We have to find that thing! We have to save the world again!’, it’s more: ‘Let’s have a chat, let’s go for a walk’. We will also observe these most intimate moments” were the words of the actress.

We’ll see if these promises are kept: the hope, of course, is that fans can share the excitement shown by Emilia Clarke after the release of the show’s trailer once Secret Invasion makes its debut on Disney+.

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