He will emerge, his wonderful heart will be revealed to the world

Johnny Depp’s trial of Amber Heard

The actress, partner on the set of Johnny Depp for the past few years, has posted on Instagram a photo with the actor, wishing him the best after the legal battle against his ex-wife.

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Johnny Depp’s trial of Amber Heard

The process between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been attracting international attention for weeks, to the point of pushing the celebrities themselves to expose themselves and have their say on what is happening to the two. In the past few hours it was the turn of Eva Greenan actress who worked with Depp on Dark Shadows and who supported his colleague on Instagram by posting a photo with him and writing a short accompanying text, in his own way very meaningful. “I have no doubt that Johnny will be able to emerge with his good name and that his wonderful heart will be revealed to the world”writes Green on Instagram, adding: “Life will be better than it has ever been for him and his family.”

Eva Green’s words for Johnny Depp

A significant endorsement by Green, which partly returns the sentiment felt towards one of the most discussed legal events of recent years, well beyond the strictly legal aspect but with implications and details that led to the Amber-Heard trial to be one of the most talked about ever, lending itself perfectly to the principle of fragmentation that governs social networks, with pieces of court statements that have gone viral.

In the past few hours, Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, has also provided her version of events, who stated that she had witnessed a rather heavy quarrel between the couple, during which the actor would have raised his hands on both. .

Amber Heard speaks after the sentence: “I understand that Depp is loved but who hates me tell me to my face”

The allegations of Depp’s sister-in-law

Episode, the one told by Whitney Henriquez, which had already been analyzed in the previous weeks, but which acquires new details. The woman, according to reports from Variety, confirmed her sister’s allegations that Depp repeatedly hit her and she intervened to prevent the actor from lashing out at her, but without success: “Don’t hit my sister. Johnny had already grabbed Amber by the hair with one hand and was beating her repeatedly in the face with the other while I was there, “he said, pointing out how the star was out of his mind and yelled at them screaming:” I hate you! I hate you both! According to Heard’s sister, the actor was often beside himself: “When he drank he got very angry. He said really bad and rude things, usually about Amber, sometimes about me.”

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