he will no longer be able to have a residence permit

Lodi, he beat his wife and son with his belt: he will no longer be able to have a residence permit

The court of Lodi, where the sentence arrived

Non-EU warehouse worker, in Italy for 12 years, loses the appeal

Convicted in 2016 for having beaten a five-year-old child, the son of his partner, and his wife, strapping them, a non-EU citizen has now been denied the renewal of his residence permit. Precisely because of that “old” sentence, for facts dating back even two years earlier. The man has been legal in Italy since 2010, with a home and a well-paid job as a warehouse worker, but the Milan police commissioner denied the renewal of the residence permit “for dependent work” as he had negotiated a bargain in the court in Lodi six years ago year in prison, with suspended sentence, for whipping the child and his partner with a belt, resulting in a prognosis of 10 and 5 days. The immigrant has appealed to the TAR but his position has not changed, and the residence permit will not be renewed. As his defense of him points out, he had then bought an apartment together with his partner herself, with whom he had reconciled and they had also had a child. And he had no longer been condemned. But according to the Police Headquarters, the criminal record is in any case of such seriousness as to denote a “social dangerousness” incompatible with the foreigner’s stay in Italy. According to the judges to whom he appealed, then, it was a “crime of extreme gravity”, and which undermines “the family public order”. Milan would indicate that “there has never been a real integration of the foreign citizen in the Italian civil and social reality”.


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