Head of PlayStation: Players Remember Only the Best Games – It’s Better to Postpone the Release

The head of PlayStation Jim Ryan in an interview with the Chinese edition of TMTPost said that it is better not to rush to the release of the game and postpone it. The reason is simple:

“ Players remember only the best, not just the good games. For a better game, the audience will ask for a sequel – and people will want to buy a sequel. Nobody cares about just good games . “

At the same time, Ryan notes that the studios still have an approximate production timeline – both for planning the release of other projects to compile a portfolio and for financial reasons.

In the same place, the head again noted that Horizon Forbidden West and the next God of War will be released within about a year – officially, the new Horizon should be released during the New Year period, and God of War has the vague year 2022. 

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