Health and well-being market to reach P837 billion by 2026 Grupo Milenio

Within three years, the market healthy and Welfare According to the Mexican Statistics Institute, this figure will reach 837 billion pesos. start up international sports nutrition, titanium.

The company detailed in a statement that the category will grow an average of 4% in 2026, driven by specialized sports products, especially those that enhance energy and endurance, with growth rates as high as 5.7% and 4.2%. respectively.

market healthy and Welfare

This interest in healthy Consistent with latest information from national surveys healthy and nutrition (Ensanut 2022), which highlights that overweight fell by 3 percentage points, but obesity increased by 21.4%.

in accordance with titaniumThe potential of the comprehensive health market reflects the increased concern among Mexicans about their health.

Omar Huertas, Managing Director and Founder titanium,explain:

“We are observing a trend towards ‘specialization’ in daily exercise; that is, those who exercise regularly have goals beyond weight loss and appearance goals. Now, they seek to enhance their health, but also beyond their performance goals, in the face of this interest, the role of sports nutrition plays a vital role.”.

The American company Titanium arrived in Mexico in August 2022 through digital sales channels, arriving in a short time at Nutrisa, one of the main stores in the sector, and will soon enter other stores in Mexico retailits total annual turnover doubled thanks to sales in Mexico.

“We are very grateful for the reception in Mexico. “We are committed to providing beverages and food for all types of athletes, professional and amateur, characterized by the use of natural ingredients and superfoods, as well as recipes differentiated according to the type of sport, to suit each needs of various types of athletes. practice. “Huertas explained.

titanium Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Frisco, Texas. In addition to Mexico, the company operates in Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Switzerland. The company has received over $1 million in investment for its expansion and development of new products; it is backed by the likes of Adidas Investment Fund, leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners and Swiss fund Prim Three.


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