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CREMONA – Asst will shortly publish a call to activate one or more freelance collaborations with specialists in Sports Medicine. The advice for interested professionals is to keep an eye on the “Work with us” section of the site of the territorial social and health agency of Cremona. The path chosen, therefore, for the moment is not that of hiring or conferring an assignment, but that of collaboration.

In this way, in fact, it is possible to do more quickly. First moved to via Dante 104 to free Pavilion 8 of the Ospedale Maggiore and make room for the Covid tampon clinic and then completely closed in March 2021, the Medicina dello Sport service, born in 1978, will return to the same street, but at number 134. Here, in fact, in the former Telecom building, the new vaccination hub will be equipped on the ground floor on an area of ​​2 thousand square meters, while other services will be placed on the second floor, including sports medicine. TO the works to adapt and set up the premises will begin shortly. The end of the construction site is scheduled for October.

“I express satisfaction both as councilor and as president of the Consulta dello Sport,” he explains Luca Zanacchi. Which adds: “The closure of the service is a theme that alarmed all sports realities and even individual practitioners. There are about one thousand medical-sports visits per year reimbursed by the Region and therefore for the age group 6-17 years. An important monitoring during growth. But the quality of this service has always meant that even those who were not entitled to a refund turn to it. And among the clubs there were those who asked that the service could resume now, in August, with the visiting season in view of the resumption of training. But for me the important thing is that it reopens and that it remains a public garrison. The result is the result of an intense network work with the director of the Ats Salvatore Mannino and that of the Asst, Joseph Rossi. The next step is an inspection that we will do together at the end of August and which will be an opportunity for updating ».

For years a point of reference at the Maggiore hospital for the good haste of the 36,836 practicing athletes surveyed by Coni in the province of Cremona, the Sports Medicine service will reopen after a closure that has sparked much controversy. The City Council was also interested in the issue, which in April unanimously approved an agenda calling for its reopening. And the same request was at the center of two letters sent first in February 2021 and then in October of the same year to the directions of Ats Val Padana and Asst Cremona and, for information, to the regional councilors of our territory, as well as to the top of the Executive of the Lombardy Region.

“With this further letter, strongly urged by local sports realities – explained the administration -, we want to sensitize the health and political institutions on the importance of public service in an area that, even from recent studies, turns out to be one of those with the strongest sporting vocation at national level and the first in Lombardy“.

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