Health, Nieddu to family doctors: “You are the fulcrum of the new system, but more staff is needed”

“THE family doctors are at the heart of the new healthcare model which has its basis in the investments of the NRP, with the construction of community hospitals and community homes “. He said it todayregional councilor for health, Mario Niedduimmediately after the recollection in memory of the family doctors who died because of the Covid during the National Congress of Fimmg family doctors.

Congress held in Villasimius and which deals with the theme related to “Organizational models of the territory and Pnrr at the service of the citizen: the proposal of general medicine“. A theme heard and debated in Sardinia, above all due to the lack of professionals in the internal territories, where several countries, often distant from each other and lacking infrastructure, can count on a single doctor. A profession, that of a general practitioner, such as a pediatrician, which plays a leading role in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and assistance of the weakest segments of the population which today returns to the center of the regional health system.

“Today, however, if we do not want to create cathedrals in the desert, we must seriously address the problem of the shortage of health personnel, which is also registered for general practitioners”, underlined the commissioner.

“The PNRR – explained Nieddu – is bringing important investments to Sardinia. We have approved one € 290 million programming for 50 community homes and 13 community hospitals, but we cannot limit ourselves to structures. With the new government, an articulated reasoning will also be needed on the removal of personnel spending ceilings. Sardinia was among the first regions to eliminate the training funnel, increasing scholarships for specialization schools, but an extra step on programming is needed with the strengthening of the training capacity of the medical faculties“.

“The health services plan approved by the Region – he underlined – puts the citizen, the family and his needs at the center, anticipating the philosophy of the territorial health reform”.

Also present the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza: “For the first time ever, we have health care costs that are above 7%, but for me it’s just the beginning“, he said.

“We need to work on two areas: resources and reforms. Before Covid – said Speranza – health care has always been considered an expense like any other, but I think that the pandemic has radically changed this paradigm and it has emerged that every euro that putting itself on health is the biggest investment in people’s lives, and progress has been made: today on National health fund there are 124 blnthat is, we put 10 billion in three years. But I would not like to go back to the past after Covid “.

“We must work on the reform of territorial assistance and the general practitioner is the most widespread element in the area”, concluded the minister.

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