HEALTHCARE Crazy folders, you pay “blindly” without knowing what and why

HEALTHCARE Crazy folders, you pay

Faced with the arrival of the Inland Revenue files, not everyone finds the old receipts

Many no longer find the old receipts that testify to the payment of the exams

You pay blindly, without knowing for what and why, and it is above all the elderly who put their hand to their wallets like this, without having checked the health benefits of eight, nine, ten years ago, for which the Revenue Agency sent them the letter of collection of the tickets of 2012-2013 and 2014.

Many no longer find the receipt of eight, nine, ten years ago, people who do not remember when, how and why they made a certain visit or examination in the hospital, and even if they had paid them, in order not to have trouble they choose to ( re) pay. The amount is usually a few tens of euros, which gives incentives to do so. The absurdity of this story of the letters delivered home to hundreds of Lodi by the Revenue Agency on a mandate from the Asst of Lodi, intent on recovering unpaid health tickets “centuries” ago, after the credit recovery activity was been slowed down by a two-year pandemic. The hospital company has activated a telephone number and a dedicated email where citizens can ask for explanations on the payment requests received in recent months. If not, go in person to the headquarters of the Public Relations Office in viale Savoia in Lodi (open from Monday to Friday from 8 to 17). But it is a fact that not everyone knows how to extricate themselves with the e-mail, many are not in a position to go to Lodi, and above all, in most cases, they do not have the faintest idea of ​​what they paid or did not pay ten years earlier.

«The recovery of unpaid health tickets is foreseen and regulated by precise national and regional regulations which indicate the statute of limitations for the collection of non-payment in 10 years. This activity is carried out by the Lodi Asst with the aim of guaranteeing correctness, fairness and sustainability of the public health service »reads a note issued in July by the hospital. All true.


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