Healthcare workers avoid contribution like interns

January 1, Royal Decree (RD) 2/2023March 16, all performing students academic or training practice Included in their academic itinerary They will dedicate this time to their future retirement life.So far, only those who have been paid have been counted, but from 2024 they will do so and those who did not receive financial compensation.

This is good news for students Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Psychology or any other branch of academic training Health Sciences. However, graduating doctors cannot help but ask themselves a question: What about working 24-hour shifts? How do these days count towards retirement?

In view of the spread of this news Government President Pedro Sánchez, through their profile

Health care workers don’t count, but they quote “the most”

Retired doctor, former Secretary General of Amyts, Julian Esquera, He wanted to clarify some concepts to his professional colleagues and explained “Medical staff do not count” As far as retirement time is concerned, it is, therefore, a “wrong definition” to say that “they do not contribute”, since medicine is at the highest level of contribution and selects, therefore, the highest pension range, regardless of the performance of the guard.

But Ezkra’s words were not enough to “calm things down” at first, which is why the family doctor was forced to elaborate on his explanation in a new post on the same platform. To explain it in a more visual way, he did some calculations on what the price means, Working as a medical guard for 30 years. By explaining what is calculated and what is subtracted, the final result for these three days per week is dWorked for a 65 year old professional for over 49 years.

More specifically, his following message states His career quote “All time, always the greatest”and Defender-derived “nine years of extra” does not count. Therefore, for personal income tax purposes, although the prescribed seven hours of rest periods are deducted, these hours “are still taxed at the highest level.” For all these reasons, Ezquerra encourages the entire medical community to clarify its reasons for protest and move in another direction: “voluntary retirement at 60.”

As soon as these messages were released, many netizens wanted to ask him some questions, or even clarify the information he provided to make the explanation more specific. While agreeing with doctors and making it clear that this is the recognized maximum contribution amount, some still wanted to clarify that this did not count as “time worked for pension purposes”.

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