Heart attack, the persistent cough symptom that you shouldn’t overlook

One of the symptoms not to be overlooked in the prevention of heart attack is the presence of a cough, manifestation of something that is irritating our lungs.

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Called ‘cardiac cough’ is one of the signs of possible heart failure.

Persistent cough, a symptom of heart attack

The symptoms that make us assume you are at risk of heart attack are different, obviously being suffering from a persistent cough it must not be rash alarming.

Although in Western countries, heart attack is among the leading causes of death, nowadays they are there are numerous therapeutic strategies, which can save lives. Prevention proves as always one of the most valid means, as well as the understanding of symptoms.

A long-lasting cough is another matter. Usually the most common causes are asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. But even with these diseases, coughing is minimized when inflammation in the lungs is kept in check.

In case you have been diagnosed with asthma or bronchitis and your cough does not improve with the specific treatment, having a check aimed at verifying heart failure will protect us.

How to recognize cardiac cough

A subject suffering from heart failureand therefore can have a heart attack, manifest one characteristic cough, which is often linked to the formation of white mucus or the production of blood.

Heart attack, man coughs
Heart attack, man coughs

In the case of heart failure, the heart contracts with less force than it should. This can allow fluid to flow back into the lungs, creating a condition called pulmonary edema. The body coughs persistently in an attempt to remove excess liquid.

In patients at risk of heart failure, cough is usually accompanied by shortness of breath and may be accompanied by poorer functional capacity and movement intolerance. Sometimes, patients are unable to lie down without getting out of breath.

Whenever we notice that we are suffering from such a cough it is good to go to a doctor and in the meantime use pillows so that the back can maintain a more upright position.

Once heart failure has been diagnosed and a appropriate treatmentthe cough should disappear.

Additional symptoms to check

Some people may have some difficulty in breathing, especially in the lying position, this is because the heart is not pumping enough blood. This puts us at risk of heart failure, in which case physical activity must be moderate and the posture on the back raised with pillows.

An excessive swelling of the feet and ankles is another symptom of heart failure. Usually, in addition to involving the feet and ankles, it can affect theand legs and abdomen.

The reason is always the heart that does not pump enough blood and therefore fluids tend to accumulate in the tissues.

Heart, stethoscope
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