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Alessandro Mario and the drama that hit his family. The actor told everything in the course of an interview

In Italy, in addition to the classics american tv series that arrive and find space in the television schedules, there is also another trend on the small screen that has always found space and that over time has become a peculiar element of our local market. We are talking about fiction, which in addition to having a success abroad and then arriving in Italy (think of ‘Beautiful’), perhaps those of Spanish or South American production, have also found fertile ground with local productions.

Alessandro Mario
Alessandro Mario (web source)

In fact, there are many the fiction which are produced in our country and which have found great success with the public. How can we forget, for example, some of those that filled the schedules of some channels, in particular those of Mediaset. On Canale 5, for example, products that have become iconic such as ‘Centovetrine’ or even ‘Vivere’, Italian and that have managed to hold off for a long time, have had a large space.

Productions that have also given way to many local actors to find space. For some, these fictions represented the turning point. Some actors and actresses have been able to take advantage of that notoriety. One of these was Alessandro Mario, an actor who, thanks to fiction, made himself known by the public. After studying in America to perfect his English, he returned to Italy taking his first steps thanks to fiction ‘Magic spell’. Then again ‘The beauty of women‘ And ‘Centovetrine’, fundamental experiences for his growth path.

Theater in Alexander’s life is also important. In 2017, for example, he was the protagonist together with Lina Sastri inLa Lupa ‘by Giovanni Verga, playing Nanni Lasca. This is only one of Mario’s passages, who also had his satisfaction in the cinema. Also interesting is her participation in the short film ‘The Legend of Red Hand’ produced by Campari and with Stefano Sollima as director and Zoe Saldana in the title role.

Alessandro Mario, the great problem that has hit his family

Alessandro Mario
Alessandro Mario (web source)

Great success, in short, for an actor who obviously still has a lot to say in the world of television, or even theater and cinema. Yet, in his life she hides a very special drama which hit his family and in particular his mother. The former star of ‘Centovetrine’, in fact, told everything during an interview with the microphones of ‘Ilsussidiario.net’.

“My mother was undergoing medical tests and unthinkably some have emerged heart problems: an 85% diagnosis of coronary artery stenosis ”, explained the actor, also clarifying how his mother actually risked dying. “He (the heart surgeon, ed) was clear: he immediately told me that risked his life “, continued the actor. In the end, everything worked out for the best, with the operation going well.

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