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Seen by many viewers as the leading man of the BBB20, Philip, the Prior, has been very well received by fans since it was eliminated last Tuesday (the 31st). One of them is the one of Anitta. In addition to inviting the architect to make a feast in his house, as soon as the quarantine period is up, the singer praised his participation in the program, and to congratulate the person who has been shown to be in the set.

In an interview with the newspaper Extra, ” the Priest told me that, for the time being, you only met the good side of the face. “Where I have stayed, the people ask for a photo and a hug. Also, I am not xingado,” he said, but he said he tries to keep his distance from the fans, because referred to as the coronavirus. The recently deleted, and it has been said that he has received messages of praise from Anitta.

“He sent Me a message complimenting me, and giving a congratulations to the person that showed them to be”, she told us about a funkeira. Excited, ex-BBB, has assured that, if it was to put together a football team, escalaria Anitta as: “I don’t Think it would do a good job of it [risos]”.

During their participation in the program is The Elimination of the post-mortem takes place, He had shared with Bruno De Luca e João Amorim, the singer sent a private message on their Instagram, passing it to your number of Chat, and inviting them to a party at her house. “Well, her family as well. It was pretty cool,” he said. Check it out:

In the wall played with Manu, Gavassi, who he’s had more than a billion-and-a-half of the votes cast, the Priest has received the support of many celebrities, most of them football players. Names such as Neymar, Gabriel Barbosa, Giorgian Di Arrascaeta, ” I Paquetá, Richarlison de Andrade and Gabriel Medina did the campaign on the social networks to which he had remained in the house.

In peace with one another Marquezine

Someone famous got in touch with the ex-BBB was Bruna Marquezine. The priest pointed out to the actress as a person who is responsible for its elimination, and by campaigning tirelessly for the residence of the Maintenance program. On the way back to the house, the master builder “has found” Even on a piece of paper at the airport and posted a video joking that: “TheI have just found it here at the airport who gave me screwed up,” he said.

The ex-girlfriend of, I found it funny and decided to send her a message to call you back, “Cool to play around with it and take it to a good one, I hope, for your progress and happiness. The excuse then anything, and it does not hurt anymore with your mother.”, I wrote it. “Live and learn! We need to know how to lose, the life that follows,” he said.

The actress said that it is still a lot of life ahead of him, and he was able to give me some advice: “to make the right choices, and maybe even therapy [risos]you can go a long way! I did spend a great deal of anger, but I think he has a good heart. Don’t fall into the pile of those who don’t want to learn,” she said. “I apologize if I picked up heavy, but no Manuzinha it so much, my friend, and you talked a lot of crap,” said Bonnie.

The architect took it in to a good one, he said that he is open to learning, and went back to the play: “When you Seek to leave, I’m going to take you to Disney world! The Manuzinha’re like me, and I do it, just that it had to ‘play games, y play,'” if you explained to him, laughing. “I greatly admire your work,” she said, before giving thanks to the advice of Marquezine. “To be a cool, young man!”, a joke of it. Check out the conversation in full.

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