Blizzard presented on video Incubo in Tombe, the new event of his card game HearthStone.

Blizzard Entertainment presented on video Nightmare in the Tombs, a new Hearthstone event in which the forces of good and EVIL will compete in a race to discover the secrets of Uldum.

The new event of Hearthstone will begin on October 8, 2019, at 10:00 PT and will end October 30, 2019, at 9:00 PT. For more details see the official Nightmare on the Tombs page.

Let’s read the official description:

Legends tell of incredible dangers and fantastic treasures that lurk within the haunted temple of Uldum. Of course, the word “treasure” was enough to rush Reno and Rafaam, who now have their eyes on the powerful artifacts of the temple!

It will not be an easy task. While villains and heroes fight to reach the depths of the haunted temple, the Headless Knight has risen, more wicked than ever, and opened a previously sealed sarcophagus filled with WILD terror. Now it’s up to you to help the good or the EVIL in this race to discover the precious secrets of the tombs and escape from the nightmare hidden within them!

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