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signed by the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, the Decree defining the new time limits for the operation of natural gas powered air conditioning systems and the reduction of one degree of the maximum values ​​of the temperatures of the heated rooms, to be applied for the next winter season as envisaged by the Plan for the reduction of natural gas consumption.
The start-up period of the plants is reduced by one hour a day and shortened by 15 days, postponing the start date by 8 days and bringing the end date forward by 7. The variation, however, occurs on the basis of six zones into which Italy has been divided to establish switching on and temperatures of the heating:
1) Zone A: 5 hours a day from 8 December to 7 March;
2) Zone B: 7 hours a day from 8 December to 23 March;
3) Zone C: 9 am daily from November 22nd to March 23rd;
4) Zone D: 11 am daily from 8 November to 7 April;
5) Zone E: 1 pm daily from 22 October to 7 April;
6) Zone F: no limitation.
Zone A consisting of Southern Italy and the islands; zone F that of the Alps, with cities of Belluno, Trento and Cuneo. In between, the big cities: Agrigento, Reggio Calabria, Messina or Trapani in zone B; Naples, Imperia and Cagliari in the C; Rome, Florence, Foggia, Ancona and Oristano in the D; Milan, Turin, Bologna, and L’Aquila in the E.

Let’s take Milan as an example to highlight the changes: so far the lighting period has been from 15 October to 14 April; now it could postpone the start to October 22nd and bring the end to April 7th. In Rome, on the other hand, it has always been from November 1st to April 15th with 12 hours of ignition; this fall-winter could be from November 8 to April 7 for 11 hours (with one degree less per day). To ensure that all citizens follow the new provisions correctly, Enea (Energia Nucleare Energie Alternative), the Italian public research body operating in the fields of energy, environment and new technologies, I will publish a vademecum with the essential and necessary information to set the heating. Condominium administrators will also be able to spread it to condominiums.

In the presence of particularly severe climatic situations, the local administrations of the various Municipalities, with their own motivated provision, can authorize the ignition of gas-fired heating systems even outside the periods indicated in the decree, as long as for a reduced daily duration. There are exemptions, in particular do not apply to buildings used as health centers, nursery schools and nurseries, swimming pools, saunas and similar and to buildings used for industrial activitiesartisanal and similar for which the municipal authorities have already granted exceptions to the air temperature limits, as well as buildings that are equipped with systems powered mainly by renewable energy.

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