Heidi Klum advertises Kim Kardashian’s underwear. Does it do better than a celebrity?

Heidi Klum
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Kim Kardashian has joined forces with the Italian fashion house Fendi. Soon they will present their joint projects to the world. So far, both brands have started to promote. In the role of a model by Heidi Klum.

Collaboration Fendi and Skims may turn out to be a bull’s eye. Mark Kim Kardashian offering clients underwear will soon reach a much higher level. But before customers start shopping and Kim counts the profits, both brands need to scrutinize how to encourage them to buy.

When promoting products at Skims, Kim Kardashian, in most cases, jumps into the offered products herself and encourages the purchase of underwear with an innate talent for posing. Sometimes it also involves siblings – the sisters, of course, do not refuse.

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Now it was appropriate to involve a more professional model. The choice fell on Heidi Klum. The model on Instagram posted 8 photos of which she poses in an orange set. A short top and panties are the latest cooperation offer from Fendi x Skims. Two well-known brands will offer not only underwear, but also, among others, down jackets.

The prices for tops and dresses are around $ 950. You will have to pay more for a jacket, as much as $ 2,950.

The collection will be available on November 9.

How do you like it?

Or maybe you would prefer someone else as a model?

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