Heidi Klum has a new dog. It’s huge!

dog Heidi Klum
Author: Instagram / Heidi Klum

At the end of August, dog lovers from all over the world celebrate the International Dog Day. This year the holiday was also celebrated by Heidi Klum, who has just become the owner of an exceptional pet. If you think that the new Heidi Klum dog is a chihuahua, a poodle or any other dog that matches the model, you will be very surprised …

Heidi Klum This year, she joined the honorable group of dog owners who celebrated the International Dog Day on August 26. It was on that day that the model showed a new member of her family on Instagram, and it’s hard not to get the impression that she is behind it Tom Kaulitz!

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz recently returned from their honeymoon in Capri, where they celebrated their wedding. As befits a young couple, the couple quickly set about expanding the family …

Heidi Klum’s new dog

Heidi Klum She boasted two photos of her new pet on Instagram. In the first photo, Anton (because that is what he calls himself a doggie) looks quite inconspicuous with his gray face. Only in the second photo, where we see it in all its glory, it turns out that it is … huge! Even though Anton is only a five-month-old puppy, he can already embrace the woman sitting on the chair with his paws Heidi Klum.

Internet users quickly decided that it was probably an Irish Wolfhound – a dog from the greyhound group. An adult animal will therefore weigh a MINIMUM of 50 kilograms! Wolfhounds are known for their gentle disposition and affection for their owners, so Anton will be a great companion for Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz.

See photos of the new model dog! Does it make an impression?

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