Heidi Klum has fun in the shower over the holidays… Zayn Malik gives his first interview in six years…

13 July 2023

Kourtney Kardashian having a good time in Hawaii

Kourtney Kardashian is enjoying a few days in the Hawaiian sun ahead of giving birth. And the star apparently shared this special moment with her community.

Thus, we find in several shots that her impressive round stomach is highlighted by the judicious selection of swimsuit. As for their holiday schedule: lazing in the sand, swimming, ice cream, walks and tea! What a calm preparation to have your first child with Travis Barker! Kourtney Kardashian is already the mother of three children born out of her union with Scott Disick.

Heidi Klum having fun in the shower during the holidays

Zayn Malik gives his first interview in six years

Zayn Malik has spoken to the press after six years of silence. The singer had to make a few things abundantly clear, beginning with the reasons for his departure from One Direction. If he explained that the members were “fed up with each other”, that was not all.

“I don’t want to go into too much detail, but there was a lot of politics. Some people were doing some things, some people didn’t want to sign contracts, so I knew something was going on so I got a little bit ahead of the trend… I said, “I’ll just get out of here, I’ll Think it’s over,'” he revealed in the podcast. call her daddyStating that he wanted to be the first to release solo music.

“I saw it coming and I wanted, completely selfishly, to be the first one to break my record. If I’m being totally honest with you, I said, ‘I’m going to lead now,'” the singer continues.

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