Heidi Klum LEAVED America’s Got Talent PLAN! She was feeling bad. Fans: “It’s CORONAVIRUS”?

Heidi Klum
Author: Carlos Maidana / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

Heidi Klum felt very bad while filming one of the episodes of America’s Got Talent, in which she is a judge. Fans began to suspect the model might have symptoms of the coronavirus. The producers of the program revealed what was wrong with the star, but – as it turned out – it was not true!

Shooting for the next edition is in progress in the USA America’s Got Talent. The jury of the show once again includes, among others Heidi Klum. The German model assessed the participants of six seasons AGTand now it’s back on its 15th edition after a year’s hiatus.

The 46-year-old star appeared on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, in pictures for the next casting episode. Interestingly, in most of the American programs, so far shot with the participation of the audience, due to the threat of the coronavirus, the participation of viewers has been canceled. America’s Got Talent is an exception in this matter – a whole hall of people appeared on the recordings in Pasadena. Unfortunately, the photos did not take place!

Heidi Klum is sick ?!

There is a lot of panic around the world related to the spread of the coronavirus. Some celebrities also succumb to increasing fear for their health for their loved ones.

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At least for recordings AGT Heidi Klum she arrived with a big smile on her face, it soon became apparent that the model was not feeling well. The condition of the star was so dull that the photos had to be canceled!

When you get the message that Heidi Klum has a sudden breakdown in health, of course, there have been rumors that it may be a coronavirus. Producers denied these rumors, explaining that it was food poisoning.

Interestingly, the American service TMZ found out that the information about the poisoning also turned out to be false, and the real reason for the malaise Heidi Klum was not disclosed.

Heidi Klum
Author: Carlos Maidana / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

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