Heidi Klum painted the CORONAVIRUS. Beautiful picture?

Heidi Klum
Author: Carlos Maidana / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

Heidi Klum will remember the time of the coronavirus pandemic forever. When the disease reached Europe in March, the model was convinced for a long time that she had Covid-19. Today, when it is just a memory, she decided to capture it in the form of an image. And what! You think she and Tom Kaulitz will hang him in their bedroom?

When the coronavirus appeared in Italy in January, it was only a matter of time until it reached other European countries. Europeans took the threat very seriously, and as subsequent states introduced lockdowns, they adapted to the restrictions. The stars also rose to the occasion – celebrities quickly began to appeal to fans to stay in their homes and take care of their and their loved ones’ safety.

It was a very stressful time for Heidi Klum. The model was separated from her husband who, after returning from abroad, was under a 2-week quarantine. And when she herself began to have symptoms similar to those caused by the coronavirus, she fell into serious fear. The celebrity fought for a long time for the Covid-19 test, which was not widely available then, and only breathed a breath when its result turned out to be negative.

>> Heidi Klum has passed the coronavirus test! She finally revealed the results of the study!

Heidi Klum paints the coronavirus

Now the model has decided to artistically express her experiences and feelings related to the coronavirus and painted a picture. After the Heidi Klum began the work, the rest of the family joined her. The star showed the image of the impressive size on her Instagram profile.

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