Helen Mirren: ‘I love the word insolence’

Actress Helen Mirren, 76, said she was “shocked” after learning about the invitation and had never considered herself beautiful – especially at her age. For her, the word beauty should be nicknamed another word: arrogance. “I love the word insolence because I think it means that I’m confident in myself, that I’m presenting myself to the world, enjoying the world around me,” said Mirren, who won an Oscar for best actress for her performance in The Queen, 2006. “I think what’s called the beauty industry should be called the sass industry,” she continued. “We’re giving people insolence.”

The actress, who has been a spokeswoman for L’Oreal Paris since 2014, has built an impressive career with more than 140 works over 55 years. But despite that, she says she still feels nervous before starting a new project. “I get very nervous about the day-to-day filming process,” she says. “And also meeting and dealing with new people. I don’t know if I’ll remember my lines or not. I get really scared until I get into the rhythm of things. Only then do I kind of relax.”

After a movie ends, Mirren said she calms down, and isn’t interested in reading reviews – good or bad. While Mirren is hesitant to call herself beautiful, actor Vin Diesel believes the word suits her perfectly. “She has a charisma that is timeless. Her look… She has a youthful spirit,” said Diesel, who starred in the film. F9 with Mirren in 2021. “But what I find most attractive about Dame Helen Mirren is the way she makes you feel. She always makes you feel appreciated and loved. And for that, I love her forever.”

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