Hello Infinite. Chip and crossplay gameplay issues

Crossplay was supposed to allow console players to play with PC players. As it turns out, the reality has verified this way of playing. Halo Infinite shows that computer scammers effectively discourage people from playing together.

The fact that console players want to play with those who prefer computer gameplay has been talked about for a long time. However, it was only relatively recently that the largest producers of multiplayer games decided to take such a step. On the one hand, technological limitations, on the other, some concerns – mainly related to the balance of the game. It is known: the controller does not provide as precise aiming and aiming as the combination of the keyboard and the mouse. But for people who want to spend their time playing online games with friends who have a different platform, such a limitation did not bother in any way. As long as the gaming was intended to be fun, not competitive. However, the real problem is the chiteers who cheat in multiplayer titles on PC and play cat and mouse games with Anti-Cheat software producers.

Cziterzy is the bane of every fan of competitive multiplayer games. The fight against cheaters who use external applications and tools for automatic aiming or seeing through walls is a Sisyphean job of the creators of the most popular series. And although it may seem that this is mainly a problem for PC players, in the case of crossplay, console players also encounter cheaters – and they do not like it at all. The same is the case with Halo Infinite, which has already been flooded with a wave of cheats who cannot come to terms with the fact that they cannot cope without cheats on the map. They prefer to resort to cheating and enjoy the “win” – whatever.

Multiplayer Halo Infinite for PC is a hotbed of hackers, cheats and cheats. Consolers want to cut them off

Halo Infinite does not allow you to disable Crossplay. The only modification to this setting is for Ranked matches. There you can change whether you want to play with players using the keyboard + mouse set, or the controller itself. Such a limitation, according to many players, is insufficient. Gamers insist and press on 343 Industries to completely cut PC gamers away from those who play Halo Infinite on Xbox consoles.

The Anti-Cheat system in Halo Infinite alone does not live up to any hopes placed on it. For example, hackers managed to block access to Theater Mode, which allows you to check recordings from the game and summaries of results. These are useful in reporting cheaters – at least in theory, because in practice this mode causes more problems. Cziterzy also found a way to automatically aim, see through walls, infinite ammunition, grenades, skills. In addition, a modifier of experience points, five times higher jump and many more. There is also information on the web that hackers managed to unlock all cosmetic mods for equipment that normally have to be paid for.

There is a lot of work ahead of 343 Industries to deal with the problems that arose right after the game’s premiere. Halo Infinite is already the most popular game on Xbox and Steam. And that’s just a multiplayer mode. The single player campaign will be available in one week – December 8.

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