Hello Infinite in gold! The creators provide the start time of the game and show the free content

343 Industries confirmed the important news on the current stream: the work on Halo Infinite has been completed. Players don’t need to be afraid of another postponement of the premiere, as the Master Chief’s adventure is now ready for fans to see the story next month.

Halo fans cannot complain about the lack of information today, as you could read our impressions a few hours ago and the legacy was confirmed. The developers also confirmed that they need more time to develop the shooter.

343 Industries is currently running a live-stream program, during which the developers not only want to show the story mode, but also decided to announce an important news. Work on Halo Infinite is complete! Fans of the series do not have to worry about any delays, because the story will hit the market at the very beginning of next month.

However, this is not the end of the information – Halo Infinite campaign will be available on December 8, 2021 at 19:00, so you can plan your game now.

As you know, 343 Industries has released a network mode with Halo Infinite and the developers have announced interesting attractions – Next week, the first event will take place to bring you free content:

“Free content events are an integral part of the MP #HaloInfinite seasons – and with our 20th anniversary event on Monday, November 22, we wanted to look to the future.”

Halo Infinite 1 Free Content - 1

Halo Infinite 1 Free Content - 2

Halo Infinite When the campaign starts

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