help those who tried to save her

Fabio Liverani after the death of his young wife Federica launched an appeal revealing his last wish, to help those who tried to save her.

Fabio Liverani and his family are having a terrible time. The news of Federica’s death, the young wife of the current Cagliari coach has shocked everyone. For some time now, Ms. Liverani had been fighting against an ugly evil, which unfortunately in the end did not give her a chance. Many messages of affection and condolences that have appeared on social networks and beyond: clubs, coaches, footballers, fans and professionals have gathered around the former midfielder devastated by this tragedy.

A life together that of Fabio and Federica, who even met at school when both were very young. From there a long and happy journey began, with what later became Mrs. Liverani who accompanied her husband in her long football adventure giving him two children, Mattia and Lucrezia respectively aged 17 and 13. It was there to ruin everything diseasewhich unfortunately proved to be an unsurpassable opponent.

In the hours immediately following the news of his wife’s death, Fabio Liverani posted a message on his social profiles. First of all, the 46-year-old Roman wanted to thank everyone and then gave some information on Federica’s funeral which will be held on Thursday 22 September at 11 at the Church of San Giuseppe Cafasso in Via Camillo Manfroni, in Rome. In the post, the coach also shed light on the last wish of his life partner, to help those who have tried hard to save her.

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These are the words of Fabio: “Federica expressed a desire to help IFO, the structure that offered you and our family such precious and important support. For those who wish, we ask you to make a transfer to the following bank details. It will be the responsibility of the Frangipane and Liverani families to prepare a solidarity project in memory of our beloved Federica. Emiliano Frangipane. IT88F3608105138269349369480 Reason: For IFO Oncological Medicine in memory of Federica Frangipane “.

What is IFO and what does it do? IFO stands for Hospital Physiotherapeutic Institutes and it is an organization that “it promotes processes of reception and humanization of care“. In this way an” oncological path “is developed, which helps the patient and his family in the path of treatment of the disease. The objective and mission of IFO is that”.to redesign the organization around the needs of the patient and his family, starting from information up to reception, orientation and discharge“. In this way it is also possible to facilitate the access of the same to the services, with a care of the patient, which is a support to the Diagnostic-Therapeutic-Assistance paths.

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