Help your opponent on the home straight. His gesture went around the world [WIDEO] Athletics

A few days ago the Catalan championship in track and field up to 16 years of age was held. The local event gained world recognition thanks to an unusual gesture of one of the young runners, who in practice showed what fair-play is all about., for which there is less and less space in modern sport.

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An incredible gesture of a young runner. Help your opponent on the home straight [WIDEO]

Mod runner Hamza Zeroual took part in a 1500 meter steeplechase race. There were indications that he finished third, but in the last game one of his rivals, Nil Garcia, stumbled. Zeroual, regardless of anything, decided to help the flying rival. However, this is not the end, because he will pass him on the final straight, ending the run himself in third place.

The film of Zeroual helping a rival will quickly gain popularity, and the fashion player will attract the attention of Spanish journalists. In an interview with “Marc” the runner told how the whole situation looked from his perspective. Everything happened very quickly, but I didn’t hesitate. I helped him and then let him cross the finish line because he was actually second and I was third. I imagined it could happen to me, Zeroual said.

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His gesture was appreciated by Garcia, who thanked him immediately after the run. – His trainer came up to me to thank me. For me, the Nile is a great competitor and likes to compete with people like him, Zeroual also explained.

The runner revealed that he would like to continue running at a distance of 1500 meters in the future. His model is the Moroccan Hicham El Guerrouj. As he himself reveals, his goal is first the Spanish championship, and then to appear in athletics.

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