Her bold speech against homophobia, Léa Salamé stunned (video)

Muriel Robin caused a shock on the set of “What a time!” », the program proposed by Léa Salamé on France 2, when she addressed the subject of homophobia in the film industry.

Invited alongside Pierre Arditi to promote their play “Rabbit”, written by Samuel Benchetrit, the comedian made strong remarks concerning the challenges that homosexual actors and actresses face in the cinema industry.

Asked about her own coming out, Anne Le Nen’s wife declared: “Thirty years later, I’m pretty sure I should have kept quiet.”

She noted that she was the only actress in the world who openly declared her homosexuality at the time. She referred to Jodie Foster, who had kept silent for thirty years before opening up about her sexual orientation. “And too bad now if my films no longer come out in 3,000 theaters, but I will be able to live my love out in the open,” she declared.

Muriel Robin then discussed high-profile movie actresses who have come out about their homosexuality, including Kristen Stewart, explaining that their sexual orientation was often perceived as “sexy” and “rock” due to their past relationships with men. She also mentioned Ellen DeGeneres, whose television series ended after she came out.

The actress regretted that French homosexual actors are silent for fear of no longer being offered heterosexual roles, highlighting in passing the persistent discrimination in the film industry. Homosexual actors and actresses are often relegated to supporting roles.

Muriel Robin concluded by suggesting that young homosexual actresses and actors not pursue a career in cinema, because they risk not finding work.

“Name me, in the world, an actor or actress (openly homosexual) who has had a great career? », asked the one who believes that we are still “in the old days”.

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