her screams and the intervention of a partner stop the sexual violence

A girl 17-year-old was assaulted on her way to school: her screams and the intervention of a companion, however, stopped her sexual violence, putting the aggressor on the run. The thing is happened to Florencein a street not far from the city center, last October 4th.

This is what was told to the carabinieri who are carrying out investigations.

The screams of the girl

The attacker would have been put to flight by the same girl: her reaction and her screams made the man escape. A school friend then intervened to help the minor and called the military.

The intervention of the carabinieri dates back to 7:15 on last Tuesday.

The victim, visited at the Careggi hospital, showed no signs of injury.

Investigations underway to identify the author.

The story of the young woman’s mother to the City Councilor Matteo Chelli

“I am shocked, heartbroken. I received a phone call that I never wanted to receive from a mother, a friend. In tears she told me that her daughter, last morning, was attacked under the door of the house in the Ponte di Mezzo area while she was on her way to school.

The perpetrator of the fact has seen fit to throw her to the ground and climb on her with the clear intent to rape her. It was the strength of this little girl (just seventeen years old) that led her to scream with all the breath she had in her throat to try to get her attention. And so it was: a classmate who lives not far away, hearing the excruciating screams, had the promptness, the coldness and the courage to run down the stairs and at the same time alert the Carabinieri, managing to make the subject in question desist.

Everything has been reported to the competent authorities, which I hope will soon be able to bring the person responsible, unfortunately, escaped to justice. A tragic story, only for a short time not transformed into an even worse drama, but which in any case will have inevitable repercussions in the lives of those who have been victims of it. This poor girl had just left the house and was going to school like every holy morning. Everything happened in the sunlight, under the windows of the houses (and let’s be clear, little would have changed if it had happened at any other time and place). It scares me that someone might feel so unpunished. I decided, in agreement with the family, to tell this story so that it is not forgotten. So that this unjustified, incommentable, shameful and shameful violence does not go unnoticed. So that the institutions do not turn away and give concrete, strong answers. “I could not protect her”, “How will I be quiet from now on”: these are the phrases that struck me most in the heart during the conversation I had and now echo incessantly in her head. Meanwhile, I want to send a big hug again to the whole family and to the poor girl in this sadly emotionally devastating moment.

My sincere congratulations to my friend and companion of the same age who first came to the rescue. It would take more people like that. Great closeness and solidarity came from all over the district, and this is certainly a good sign. My commitment, albeit from the last of the benches, will always be aimed at making the voice of citizens heard in the appropriate places and trying to improve our city, in their interest. Security is a basic, pivotal, central theme for each of us. I will never tire of repeating it and taking an active part in this sense, even more so after what has happened. You are not and you will not be alone ».

I am shocked, heartbroken. I received a phone call that I never wanted to receive from a mother, a friend ….

Published by Matteo Chelli on Thursday 6 October 2022

Last updated: Friday 7 October 2022, 11:42


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