Here are fan projects for Taylor Swift’s concert

The day is almost here, we have to prepare….

Taylor Swift arriving in Mexico soonand at the same time, with great emotion and enthusiasm, Mexican fans are preparing for a series of concerts from 2020 onwards. Held at Foro Sol, CDMX from August 24th to 27th.

ever since impressive costumea poster for the campaign to accompany Taylor Swift on the show, make-up, hairstyle, fan project intended to be carried out in bridge of various songs.

What is bridge From Taylor Swift?

With this in mind, what is a bridge? The musical bridge itself is peculiar to musicBut fans start saying of “Tailorization”, In the song you can find things like: 1st verse, chorus, 2nd verse, chorus, bridge, musical, final chorus.

Level up little by little when the song starts A musical bridge is between the second chorus and the finale.


When Tay started singing, in the part of but you can make me dream“In the song “delicate“He’ll start talking.”1, 2, 3…let’s go, bitch»

bad blood

Just like she sings “You live like that, you live with ghosts” “Bad Blood”fans sing: During the bridge “You forgive, you forget, but you never let go”

anti hero

When Taylor sings this song, we have the next part. “Because you’ve had enough of my machinations, this is the end.”, You should chant: “Taylor, I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

need to calm down

At the beginning of the song he shouts: «‘Cause the shadows didn’t make anyone less gay» And in the choir, we raise our arms as we dance.


In the chorus part of the song The cel light must be turned on.

You are mine

In the middle of the musical bridge, clap again and again.


“by the way” shout”Where are you going Taylor?.


in the middle of the first verse shout: “What time is it?«.


At the beginning of the song he says: “Summer the Demon’s Bitch”.

everything is too good

At the beginning of the song he says: «how did that feel? » Before the timeline, say: “It made me want to die”


The chorus of a song should: raise your arms in the shape of a heart

Are you ready for an amazing Taylor Swift concert in Mexico?

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