Here are the 3 happiest countries in the world to move to if you want to change your life at the end of the year

According to recently released data for 2022, the happiest places in the world are all in Europe. Which is to say that for us Europeans (and also, consequently, for us Italians) there is an excellent wind.

For anyone who wants to move in fact, Europe remains firmly the best place in the world, both for those who study (with experiences such as Erasmus) and for those who would like to change country to look for work.

We come to us, which are these countries where, by far, we live best in the world? The report is long and detailed, with economic data, but also on safety, health, services, education, public transport and certainties on fundamental rights. In the top three – no major surprises – are Finland, Denmark and Iceland.


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In short, an interesting fact is, first of all, that the top two happiest countries in the world are not only on our own continent, but are also part of the European Union. Which makes it very easy to go there to change your life, or just to travel for some time.

One of the details that differentiates life in these countries from those where people are less happy is the relationship with nature. Of course, in theory we all know that it is good, both for the body and the mind, to spend time outdoors in clean and green spaces, but then there is the practice: Finland has over 70% of its territory covered with forests . What more could you want?

The economy, cleanliness and order, in short, are not really the only data to be taken into consideration to live happily: there is nature, the ease with which you ride a bike, the tranquility with which you can have children. and much more. Will Italy try to imitate the Nordic way of life?

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