Here are the 5 best exercises for health, according to Harvard University

In the process of pursuing a fulfilling and healthy life, exercise It is a fundamental pillar. Beyond simple physical activity, exercise is considered an inexhaustible source of benefits for the mind and body.

Benefits of exercise, according to Harvard University. Source: Freepik.

Harvard University, known for its academic excellence, identifies five of the best types exercise Providing thousands of benefits to our health. Let’s explore together the fascinating world of happiness revealed through physical activity.

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Soaking in the water is not only a refreshing treat; exercise It is complete and ideal for people suffering from arthritis or in the process of recovery as it takes the load off the joints. Additionally, it has been found to improve mental state and provide a positive mood boost.

Known as “meditation in motion,” this Chinese martial art blends movement and relaxation, making it a special choice. It is especially beneficial for older adults because it promotes balance, an important component of good health.

Harvard University emphasizes that strength training is essential for maintaining muscle mass because this type of training exercise Not only does it increase strength, it also helps burn calories, making it easier to maintain weight.

Benefits of exercise, according to Harvard University. Source: Freepik.

From improving cholesterol levels to strengthening bones and controlling blood pressure, walking is a gem in the world. exercise, which is good for the entire body. Additionally, multiple studies show that it not only improves memory but also helps fight age-related memory loss.

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Apart from appearance, these practise They focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which is especially valuable in preventing urinary incontinence. Although usually associated with women, men can benefit as well. Simple but effective regular exercises can improve your pelvic health.

Benefits of exercise, according to Harvard University. Source: Freepik.

From the serenity of swimming to the serenity of Tai Chi to the intensity of strength training and the rejuvenation of walking, these practise They intertwine like threads to form a symphony of physical and mental health. The wisdom of Harvard University guides us toward a positive, fulfilling, and healthy life.

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