Here are the back-to-school decorative pieces that Instagram is obsessed with and why

None of them are alike but they all have in common that of besieging our “feeds” and turning the heads of aesthetes all over the planet.

In leather and steel like Marcel Breuer’s “Wassily” armchair. In plastic and steel like the “Plia” chair by Giancarlo Piretti. In plastic and with organic shapes inspired by Verner Panton’s “Panton Chair”… All the creations of the mysterious designer hiding behind the Instagram account @muddycap seem to have come out of a simulation game in which the iconic seats of the last centuries have merged to give birth to new UFO models defying the laws of gravity.

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A practical object that has acquired its letters of nobility over the course of ever more stunning creations, the chair continues to assert its power on the new market but also on the second-hand market through garage sales, flea markets and other online china temples where odds come and go. This is how the young South Korean designer who never wanted to reveal his identity decided to seize the most fantastic aesthetics to make a name for himself by multiplying the publications counting likes by millions.

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