here are the first reviews of the movie with Emma Stone. ‘Brave, dark and wonderfully anti-Disney’

The action of “Cruella” is to take place in London in the 70s of the last century, at a time when fashion (and not only) was ruled by punk rock. Estella – because that is the name of the main character played by Stone – attracts the attention of Baroness von Hellman due to her unusual sense of fashion. We’re to see her obsessed with fur and transform into Cruella.

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“Cruella” aka Emma Stone as Cruella De Mon in the 1970s [ZWIASTUN]

“Cruella”. Two Emmys, two great roles

The Polish premiere of the film about Cruella is scheduled for May 28, i.e. a week after the opening of the Helios cinemas and some studio cinemas (according to the government’s decision, viewers will be able to occupy a maximum of 50% of available seats, subject to the sanitary regime, from May 21; at the earliest, because just after midnight, screenings in Helios start, other multiplexes are planning to start on May 28).

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When it comes to the first reviews, those who have already seen the film spare no words of admiration for Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. A reviewer from DisscussingFilm writes that this is one of Disney’s best acting films to date, and “Emma Stone is insanely entertaining, fully engaging in the villain’s character in a bold performance.” Others write about both actresses that they “give an amazing show, are incredibly evil and hilarious”, and also give their characters “evil charm”.

Many reviewers praise the direction and soundtrack. Also, the performance of Paul Walter Hauser, who plays Horace, did not go unnoticed. Scott Menzel writes:

Cruella may be the biggest surprise this summer. Brave, dark and wonderfully anti-Disney. Emma Stone is the perfect Cruella. Hairstyles, makeup, sets and costumes are certain when it comes to Oscar nominations. Paul Walter Hauser is fantastic and Winks the dog is cute.

“Cruella is definitely not a movie for children. It’s refreshing when it comes to Disney productions. While I’m not sure who the movie is really for, I know it could become a cult figure for many. It definitely stands out from all other Disney live action films to date, “adds the Hollywood film critic, calling the film” the perfect combination of Batman Returns and The Devil Wears Prada. “

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Grace Randolph hosting “Beyond The Trailer” notes in turn, that in the Craig Gillespie movie, the first rainbow and proud character in the Disney movie appears, and perversely adds that Cruella is such a Disney princess, and that she can finally identify herself, and the editor-in-chief of Rotten Tomatoes Joel Meares writes: “Basically no I’m interested in acting remakes, remakes and / or stories about villains early days, but … I’ve seen ‘Cruella’ and it’s SO VERY GOOD. It hits so hard my face is still beet red the day after, “and adds:

If “The Devil Wears Work” plus “Witches” plus “With Death Made to Face” sounds like something you might like, be sure to check out this movie.

The first reports on “Cruella” with Emma Stone appeared at the turn of 2015 and 2016, and the first photo of the actress in make-up was published over a year ago. Due to the pandemic, we had to wait a long time for this premiere. But it looks like it was worth it.

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