Here are the Sicilian cities that won the best granita award in 2022

Granita is one of the classic emblems of Sicilian food. Whether you are a tourist or a Sicilian, we already know that granita is a must, especially at breakfast. But where can we find the best places to eat a good granita? Let’s see some bars that have been awarded for the best award.

Bar Alecci, Catania: a guarantee

In Gravina, 16 kilometers from Catania, they make one of the best slushes in Sicily. It is that of Bar Alecci, a real institution in these parts. They have been preparing it in the same way for forty years using only water, sugar and first choice fruit. The granitas here are eaten especially in the morning for breakfast, with brioche and fresh cream as the real Sicilians do. The most popular are the pistachio one, which is very creamy, with mulberries and, new in recent years, the mandarin one. Here each ingredient must be chosen with extreme care, it must be one hundred percent natural, woe to use preparations or sachets.

BamBar, Taormina

The BamBar of Taormina cannot be missed. A bar frequented by many celebrities from television and not. To get VIPs and not, the secret is still a granita made as it should. The most popular is the one with the almonds of Avola, while a particular one is the one with pomegranate, to be enjoyed in September and October. Then there is, in some flavors, a small variant that perhaps will make purists turn up their noses, but whose result is absolutely remarkable (and creamy): Sometimes they add a little milk for example in the Nutella granita, ricotta or with pistachio.

Caffè Sicilia, in Noto

A beautiful historic center, that of Noto, and a much loved pastry shop where you can spend time enjoying traditional Sicilian sweets. It is the historic Caffè Sicilia, where everything deserves a taste, starting with the granitas. The most popular granita is almond. And then the black mulberry one is special. Mulberries come from the slopes of Etna, from old surviving trees. Incredibly, here at Caffè Sicilia you will not find pistachio granita. “Real Bronte pistachio is rare and very expensive, and the taste is not what a clientele accustomed to less refined pistachios would expect. It is better to respect the products and the customers, and it can also be done in this way ”say the owners. Traditionally, granita is eaten for breakfast with brioche, but there is a perfect granita for every hour of the day, just choose the most suitable flavor at the moment. And which do you prefer?

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