here are the “Tg of good news” made by 400 students from Pesaro

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20/05/2022 – They tested themselves with writing, video editing and public speaking but the most complex part was the search for positive messages to tell and share “to spread the culture of positivity and implement a proactive model that mitigates rivalry , controversy and conflicts “.

A result that bore the first of many fruits that will be published on the Municipality’s social channels: “Good News Tg”, Lasting about 5 minutes, made by the“ Municipal editorial staff ”, made up of students from primary and secondary schools in the Pesaro municipality.

«It is a project launched last September in collaboration with – he explains Camilla Murgia, Councilor for Growth and Kindness – of whom we are proud because she manages, with a “smart” way and close to the very young, to make students introject the culture of positivity. The little pupils were encouraged to relate to each other with hospitality and empathy and to spread the practices of kindness thanks to the meetings that took place, electronically, in the classes that joined the national project implemented by the Mezzopieno movement and which is fully part of the journey towards Pesaro 2024, the Italian capital of culture “.

A “Network of people, researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, journalists, municipal administrators, students, artists and associations who believe in human beings and in the world, in the ability to create beauty and harmony and in the strength of positivity and collaboration” as we read in the Mezzopieno manifesto, received by the municipal administration last September, by joining the “Protocol for kind communication”. “It was a constructive path, initiated by the councilor Giuliana Ceccarelli who preceded me and whom I thank – underlines Murgia – and which involved 7 schools in the city (including primary and secondary schools), 420 students coordinated by 16 teachers, whom I thank for their collaboration and commitment ».

In detail, the following took part: the 1st C of the G. Galilei Institute; the 2 ^ B, 1 ^ D, 2D, 3D, 2A and 2C by Pirandello; the 5th To Don Bosco, 5th To Don Milani, 3rd secondary of the IC Manzoni; 2 ^ B, 1 ^ B, 3 ^ A, of the Ic Olivieri; the 2 ^ B, 1 ^ B, 2 ^ C, 2 ^ E, of the Ic Leopardi; 5 ^ A and 5 ^ B of the primary “Anna Frank” of the IC Alighieri and the 3 ^ D and 3 ^ A of the IC Gianfranco Gaudiano.

It was this last class (3 ^ A Gaudiano), led by the teacher Eleonora Del Sorbo, that produced the first Tg. The topics addressed in the newsletter are: Pesaro, Italian Capital of Culture 2024; Classroom book festival; Ukraine: refugees welcomed by the parish of Villa Fastiggi and interview with Diana Shaidiuk, a young Ukrainian who arrived in the city; mototherapy, what it is and what benefits it gives; Anna Maria Mencoboni, athlete of the Paralympics, talks about herself in an interview. To identify the news, write and present it were: Sofia Della Martire, Annalice Filippini, Milla Gamba, Susanna Mariella, Asia Marturano, Pietro Paccapelo, Benedetta Pezzoni, Pietro Rossi. The direction and editing of the Tg were by Pietro Bartolucci and Manuel Ganino.

All the “small editorial offices” of the city, within the school year, will produce their own newsletters to tell the positive news that has occurred in the local and national territory. The Tgs are published on the social channels of the Municipality of Pesaro (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) and on the national channels of Mezzopieno: “The work that young people are doing throughout Italy with the collection of good practices and virtuous stories in their TG of good news – points out Luca Streri, founder of the movement – is a very powerful tool to spread the culture of positivity and to value their communities and the best side of the world. This path shared by hundreds of schools and municipalities is a concrete step to grow with confidence and to believe in the world and in human beings “.

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