“Here are the traps of the left media against Meloni”

“Whenever, in Italy, the right or parties other than the mainstream wins, the left prepares its traps”. Fabio Torriero, spin doctor and professor of political communication at the Lumsa University of Rome, outlines the communication strategies that the center-left will adopt towards Meloni and warns the future prime minister to avoid certain errors.

Professor, what are the countermeasures that the left is taking to counter Meloni?

“The media, journalistic, political and intellectual left uses a communication technique that is the daughter of the so-called Voiltaire syndrome, that is the claim to embody the good that is divided into three levels. In the first, the left represents good, democracy and rights , while on the other side there is evil, the Middle Ages, the far-west and fascism. In all speeches it is repeated that the right did not win, but the left lost. This concept is continually expressed in all transmissions: from On Tuesday to White Zone“.

What is the second trap?

“The second strategy is to get the message across, as both Polito and Molinari said, that Sunday’s was a simple vote of protest and the need for change. This means trivializing the victory of the right. It means not giving to the right. opponent the dignity of interlocutor who expresses an alternative vision of society and institutions to the left, always because I am the good and you are the evil. And, since evil cannot win and good cannot lose, we are faced with a protest vote “.

And finally, what role do journalists play exactly?

“The third level, on the other hand, is more sophisticated: journalists, especially Rai and La7, give advice on what the right should be like.” Meloni, if it wants to govern, if it does not want to fall, if it shows intelligence, it must do this or that … ‘, that is, they set the tracks. It is a trap of the left that Meloni must not fall into because otherwise the right is only good on condition that it does what the left says “.

What must Meloni do to avoid falling into these traps?

“Meloni must not fall into the trap of the ‘legitimation syndrome’, as if she unconsciously always expected enough from others. But the media and political mainstream of the left will never give her enough”.

She was the communications manager of the Fare Futuro Foundation. Why was Fini never asked to remove the flame from the symbol?

“This was not asked of Fini, he accelerated a line of normalization that risked entering too much into the single thought”.

But, going back to the present day, has Meloni been doing well so far?

“For now it has started well by avoiding being present at the press conference of the victory, it is showing sobriety. He wants to respond with facts, not with announcements as Salvini did also because the announcement policy has tired Italy. Meloni must be simply itself, that is, it must combine the mix between liberal, Catholic and conservative thought that it must be able to translate into government policy. Exactly what I did as an exponent of the Fare Futuro Foundation, together with Ferdinando Adornato for the Liberal Foundation and Stefania Craxi for the Craxi Foundation, when we tried to write the cultural perimeter of the PDL “.

What does Meloni have to do in order not to freak out as happened to Renzi before and Salvini after?

“Being herself because, so far, she has been rewarded for the consistency and credibility of her values. Unlike Renzi and Salvini, she is not addicted to social networks. She is not satisfied with liquid consent, the mood of the belly of the moment. . His posts and tweets have a certain continuity and are not impromptu. If Rome wins today, he does not tweet ‘W Roma’ or if tomorrow Lazio wins, he does not write ‘W Lazio’ and this gives me hope for fact that it will not be too tied to consensus “.

During the election campaign, Meloni reassured the markets a lot, but she also promised that, if necessary, she would beat her fists on the table in Brussels. How are these two communicative aspects held together?

“It is a mix of communication and political choices that you must be able to make, mediating between the conservative soul of the majority and the more moderate part, just as you did in the electoral campaign. You, on Orban, for example, do not have succumbed to the will of the mainstream “.

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