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The first PlayStation turns 27 in our country and Sony brushes up the memory of fans (or reveal something they didn’t know).

27 years ago, the first PlayStation arrived in Italy. Sony’s console would have changed the gaming world forever, and probably also the Japanese company which, at the time, certainly did not think it would see its focus transformed as decisively as it would have been. For the occasion, from the social media of the Asian house, three curiosities came presumably known to old school players, but less known for today’s young people.

Greetings, PlayStation –

On September 29, 1995, PlayStation landed in our country. The console had been launched the previous year (in December ’94) on a global scale, after the break with Nintendo with which Sony was supposed to collaborate at first, and quickly had a resounding success, also by virtue of its greater concentration. on video games for a more mature audience. A success that led it to become the first console with over 100 million units distributed in the store, in 2005, even surpassed by a PlayStation 2 in great shape.

Three things you didn’t know … –

To celebrate the anniversary, PlayStation Italia shared “three things you didn’t know” on its social networks, “three memories” if “in the nineties you were there with the pad in your hand”, “3 really beautiful PS1 curiosities” if instead “in the nineties you haven’t started yet ”. The first curiosity is that “the CD drive not only read games, but also music discs and in turn the PS1 discs could play the music tracks of the titles on other devices”. The second: “when the console was turned on there was no selection menu, but the inserted game was immediately started”. Crazy, right? The third, finally: “the first pad was the PlayStation Controller: it still had no analog or vibration motors, introduced with the PlayStation Analog Joystick and then with the DualShock”, all of which then evolved with the haptic feedback of the PS5 DualSense.

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