here are which ones and how to use them

The latest Budget Law introduced some news on tax deductions on medical examinations. Here’s what it is and how to use it

The Italian system provides for the right to 19% personal income tax deductions for health-related expenses. These deductions concern, for example, the services rendered by general practitioners, the purchase of medicines, including homeopathic ones, therapies, the purchase or rental of medical devices, etc. In addition, medical examinations are also included. These can be of various types: from laboratory to neurological tests, from urological to pediatric tests.

Specific assistance costs are also subject to deductions. These include physiotherapy, laser therapy, kinesitherapy and other nursing and rehabilitation assistance sessions, as well as services rendered by personnel with qualifications as professional educators, and other types of services. The Revenue Agency provides that all these expenses can be indicated in the tax return. Only in the latter case, in fact, is one entitled to this deduction. Speaking of income tax returns, all taxpayers are entitled to personal income tax deductions.

Tax deductions: here are the news in the 2022 Budget Law

With the new 730 model, envisaged by the 2022 Budget Law, some innovations have been introduced on deductible expenses. In particular, an allowance has been made for deductible expenses. The threshold to be exceeded in order to be entitled to a deduction, in fact, is 129.11 euros. Below this threshold it will not be possible to take advantage of this bonus. Furthermore, in the 730/2022 form, all medical expenses carried out must be reported in part E. The sum that will be subjected to the 19% deduction is obtained by subtracting the total health care expenses incurred minus the deductible of 129.11 euros. Therefore, if during the year we have incurred health costs of a total value of 500 euros, the calculation of the deduction will be made on the sum of 370.89 euros (500 – 129.11).

The 2020 Budget Law introduced the obligation of traceability of expenses: only expenses made through traceable instruments such as credit cards or ATMs are subject to tax deduction. There are, however, exceptions. For these exceptions, purchases made with cash also apply. Here is the list of exceptions, as reported by expenses for the purchase of medicines, for medical devices, for health services provided by public structures and also for health services provided by private structures accredited to the National Health Service.

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