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The new Renault Austral is the successor to the Kadjar model. The French brand revealed the name and the first photo of the model. The debut is scheduled for spring 2022.

We have already informed that the history of Renault Kadjar is coming to an end and the new compact SUV will not use the nomenclature of its predecessor. The French brand has revealed that the vehicle will be christened Austral, which means that the name “Audace” suggested by the French media turned out to be just a rumor.

The change of nomenclature is to be associated with a new chapter in the history of the brand and is intended to leave the not too spectacular career of the Kadjar model in the sphere of the past. Austral is derived from the Latin “autralis”. It is a word that is present in many European languages, including French, which is important for a brand that is proud of its roots.

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As Sylvia Dos Santos, head of strategy at Renault Brand Marketing, explains: “Austral also evokes the colors and warmth of the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a name that invites you to travel and is perfect for an SUV. The sound is harmonious, balanced and easy for everyone to pronounce, while at the same time being international ”.

New Renault Austral with 4.51 meters in length will allow the brand to continue its C-segment offensive initiated by the model Megane E-Tech Electric. We expect the successor to the Kadjar to have a lot to do with the electric compact both in terms of design and technology. In the first photo, we can only see the common logo so far.

The progress in relation to Kadjar will receive a multimedia system, which thanks to cooperation with Google has enriched with many modern communication functions and in the catalog there will be new hybrid drives. Renault is also planning a larger 7-seater version of the model and an electric SUV.

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Renault Austral 2022


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